Live like thee !!!

“Anjaamon se darne waale..

Waqt ki har shaih par marte hain…

Apne hi saaye se bachne ko..

Har sachch se mukarte hain..

Parchayiyon k yeh rehnuma..

Bas bejaan roohon ka dum bharte hain…”

“…………Those who fear the consequences live life not like thy own but they hurt or rather demolish their souls every other moment. The fear of their own destiny never lets ’em accept the facts and truth in its purest form.  They are mere pawns in the hands of fate ..and when things go wrong; they will, at any rate; all they do is , just wait for Mr. Fate to be their mate……..”


~ by Neha Sinha on January 9, 2008.

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