Reading Between The Lines…

In my last post I told about my interest in reading human brains from their body language and handwriting and behaviour……………….I recently received a handwritten note from my client…and I was really inspired by it…the way he documented the requirements on a piece of blank sheet, scanned it and put it on a pdf and send it across… His handwriting spoke a lot about him….

A few pieces of my study are listed below: (I wish I could actually post the written stuff but it’s a confidential doc.. Duh !!!)

– The document was almost completely written in Caps : He is a very broad-minded person with a view of a larger picture. He was sure that things jotted in a running hand are not easily legible to others. He avoids risks (tries to remain on the safe side), makes sure he makes himself clear while communication.

– At some places the letters in the words got really too close to each other : There is more than one thing that haunts this man’s mind at the same time. He is a thinker and keeps on thinking continuouosly on new aspects that he can include with the existing ones.

– Balanced hand : The hanwriting being balanced throughout the note signified he was a person who had a balanced routine and a gave everybody their due.

– An artistically blended ‘E’ : Shows the artistic flavour of the person’s persona..

– Management of Spaces : This person is too attched tio his family..The way he manages every blank corner of the sheet with something worthy.. Leaves very less spaces while writing.

These were a few inferences I could make out from his handwriting..

May be next time you see a written note from somebody you too would love to read between the lines………………… 😉


~ by Neha Sinha on January 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “Reading Between The Lines…”

  1. Just Curious…What does your handwriting say about you..
    Based on your answer I shall send across a scanned copy of my scribbling! 😉

  2. @Sudha : Hmmm… Personal qtns??? The answer ll reach ur mailbox 4 sure dearrie 😉 !!

  3. Do you know ưhich book about human psychology or how human brain works that I should read? I’m finding it interesting since a guy tries to play mind game with me, and I hate to lose 🙂

  4. @Anna : If you wanna learn to interpret human body language there’s nothing better than Alan Pease.. !! For handwriting you have many options in market..I prefer Ruth Gardner..!! Go Ahead..teach the pretenders a good lesson next time they try to play with you.. Good Luck Gal 🙂

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