I live for thee…

Khud ki talash mein
Khud se hi duur hote chale gaye,
Ae Khuda teri khudaai se fir bhi na insaaf mila.
Ab toh auron ke sapno ki khaatir hi jeene lage hain hum,
na rah gayi hasratein, na shikwa, na gila……….  


~ by Neha Sinha on January 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “I live for thee…”

  1. I dont want to be trouble but is there anyway you could translate that and send me the English version? if not could you let me know. thnx.

  2. @ grandmastercleaver: sure I can..

    The english translation for the above snippet is-
    In a wild goose chase for oneself..I stopped recognising my own soul..
    Now that I live for ppl around me..to make them happy..though I rarely think of my own wishes…still I have no complaints since those who are related to me are happy at the end f ol..

    N I guess thats the finest way to find happiness when everybody around you is contended and at peace…….

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