The Final Verdict

My life is down in dumps !!!
I have been very lonely for the past few days…
Lonely…not because everybody has left me to my fate but because I am unable to make myself clear and understandable to people around me..
I am unable to find a way out of this boolean world of mine where either its me or nobody………..
My life is scattered into bits and pieces all around me and I am unable to gather it all up….
I am finding my life subliming and I can’t help it all happen….

Somehow when I look back to all the years I have spent..every single moment I have lived.. I find so many people having influenced my days all round this span..

I may not be able to quote each and every one of them but yes all I intend by this post of mine is to send out a note of thanks to all such people who lent me those precious moments of their lives. I am really grateful to all those who admire me, all those who love me, everybody who cared to know me………..

There have been many who have hurt me at some moment of life….Looking back to those days I’d just say that this day I have no grudges towards them as well, since every such incident and every such person has taught me a big lesson in my life… Today I have become more conscious of people in my life and I take real good care before selecting someone for obvious reasons………..

I would just pray that everybody gets his/her desired set of happiness and satisfaction….
And as far as this post is meant it may come as my GoodBye note to everybody someday or later…..
Till then I am trying my best to stay happy and give as many happy moments as I can to all !!!!

Cheers to our destinies..
Cheers to the birdie called LIFE !!!!


~ by Neha Sinha on January 31, 2008.

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