Inline Frame (I-Frame)

IFrame is a widely preferred HTML web development concept these days.
A single screen can be divided into frames showing content from different web pages around the net.

The syntax for creating an iframe is:

src =
The other properties that can be set are:

align: left, right,top, middle, bottom – Specifies how to align the iframe according to the surrounding text

frameborder: 1,0 – Specifies whether or not to display a frame border

height: pixels% – Defines the height of the iframe

longdesc: URL – A URL to a long description of the frame contents

marginheight: pixels – Defines the top and bottom margins of the iframe

marginwidth: pixels – Defines the left and right margins of the iframe

name: frame_name – Specifies a unique name of the iframe (to use in scripts)

scrolling: yes, no, auto – Define scroll bars

src: URL – The URL of the document to show in the iframe

width: pixels % – Defines the width of the iframe


~ by Neha Sinha on February 5, 2008.

One Response to “Inline Frame (I-Frame)”

  1. hello neha
    i need your help i want to make webpage thes page are used different tab
    and one tab are putting some small images and thease images click to enlarge useing ifram so how to code thes page

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