Chauvinism pisses me off…. Please gimme a break…!!!

Yes, I am upset, moreover hurt with this male chauvinist attitude that some people around me possess !!!

I work in a big organisation, an organisation with a global name, an organisation which is posed to work in a rich and healthy work environment with values, integrity and ethics in abundance.But like any other services company here too the male:female ratio is disproportionate………..!!!
I don’t have issues working with my male colleagues, but what is actually pissing me off these days is the male chauvinist attitude I am facing with these big egoed men working with me..

I don’t find a reason why men can’t accept the success of a female around them…why can’t they equally appreciate their female counterparts who are equally capable and hardworking. I work with a small team… A team of four including me !! And the wonderful part of my team is that it comprises of two men…….

I have nothing against the men around me…I don’t say that all men disrespect the womenfolk, but some do !!!

I have always studied in a Co-Ed school/college…. My gang of frenz have more of boys as compared to gals…. But nobody like this had I come across till recently…….

I started my career from this very organisation and now that its more than a year n a half that I have spent here, I am facing a person who is so much of a belief that women cannot work as good as men.. And he won’t miss a chance to prove his say… And even if he doesn’t get a chance he creates one……..!!!

I really respect his technical knowledge, his competitive attitude and his managerial skills…
What actually hurts is his attitude for the gals….. He believes that gals just can’t work as well as a guy….
And guess what…none of his attempts really turn out fruitfull……………
In my case the client himself turns him down on this !!!

I have no grudges against the men folk around but I would really request every man reading this post to respect the women around you…
And just in case you still aren’t able to digest their success and you think you are more deserving…Compete with them but healthily….
And let the better one win………….!!!

And to the women reading this I would just say that I really admire your strong will which helps you walk with head held high on this male dominant globe…

I am sure a day will come when the world will recognise the women power and that day which isn’t really far, the world will be a better place to live for sure !!!


~ by Neha Sinha on February 11, 2008.

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