Regionalism !!! A pain in the neck !!!

These days when its Love which is supposed to be in the air its not the way it is thought of…
Moreover its hatred that suffocates the environment…
The heat of regionalism, religionalism, casteism and so much more to make one mad….. !!!
These days around me there is a lot of regionalism barrier flourishing……
I don’t understand why do we need to let this fact raise its head amongst us…
Why doesn’t the mob understand this old ‘Divide and Rule’ prank that our politicians have been playing since ages….

Can a country develop or succeed in its goals in case the treasures of one part of the land never reach the other?
What if the agriculturally rich areas confined the food stores within their boundaries..
What if the areas where cotton is abundant never send out the clothing to the other parts…….
I mean there is so much of wealth, treasures and talent in a nation like India that if ever these aren’t shared with the whole country, there would be a complete decline of progress in all aspects…………

Not just India, this problem persists with almost every part of the world..
We really need to come above these silly barriers so that the world in the coming years is a peaceful place to be in…..


~ by Neha Sinha on February 13, 2008.

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