Sorry :(

I have been a bit too off my blog lately… I donno why but I just don’t feel like writing or reading or rather anything..
These days all I have been doing is my work !!! work !!! and more work !!!
Not that I don’t find time for my blog but m upset..
Upset with myself.. my surroundings… absolutely everything in my life…
Somehow I have realised I expect a lot from everything and everybody f which I don’t even get a small percent…
Had my expectations been a bit low I had been a happier soul this day… “Happiness is inversely proportional to Expectations” (at least true in my case)…
I just wanna relax…………have a long peaceful sleep………..and wake up smiling……

I am sorry for a whole bunch of things in my life… I am desperately hunting for myself back !!

I just wrote a few lines all these days on the diary that I maintain on my cellphone…I ope to complete these soon……………

“Khamosh hain nigahen,
Hai chup si aaj sahar..
Apne se lagte iss gulistaan mein,
Dhoonde khushiyon ke kuchch pahar..
Hai kuchch madhamm si dhadkan bhi,
Hai ruka hua yeh pal…………………..”

I need to complete it….

I promise I’ll be back !!! And when I’ll be back you’ll hear the bells ringing with some good stuff on the feeds !!!


~ by Neha Sinha on May 8, 2008.

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