Grant database creation rights in SQL Server 2005

1. On your server computer, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and then click SQL Server Management Studio.

2. On the Connect to Server screen, select the name of the local server from the Server name drop-down list.

3. Select Windows Authentication from the Authentication drop-down list and then click Connect.

4. In Object Explorer, click the plus sign (+) next to Security.

5. Right-click Logins, and then click New Login.

6. In the Login – New screen, in the Login name box, type the account in the form of DOMAIN\accountname.

7. In the Select a page section, click Server Roles.

8. In the Server roles list, select the securityadmin and dbcreator check boxes, and then click OK.


~ by Neha Sinha on June 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Grant database creation rights in SQL Server 2005”

  1. Thank you so much , i think you r from india , jai India and wish you happy friendship day and this my id
    Thank you

  2. @Satish : Jai Hind Satish. Wish u a happy friendship day too.

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