Rain, rain, go away… :(

Its raining cats n dogs here in pune…. The rivers are overbrimming with rain water and splashing against the danger marks…..
Two continuous days and nights that its been raining all n all ‘heavily’.

A few good ( yes, they are the good ones 😉 ) schools in my vicinity declared it the ‘Rainy Day’. The rest are inspired by my company !!! Duh 😦

Had a hectic weekend… Tried to go out twice… And returned home completely drenched !!
Even today, got almost drenched on my way to ofice.

These guys shud also think of declaring it a holiday…. Plzzz….
Eevntually I don’t like the rains… They leave everything dirty and messed up…

As for my life…. The latest update is that m going on a leave for the coming week…. Yippeeee 😀
Will leave for home this friday, the 15th of August…
So am looking fwd to this good trip…..

Enjoy !!!!


~ by Neha Sinha on August 11, 2008.

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