You change your attire with the current trends and you don’t find anything wrong about it !!
You buy the latest stuff and décor for your house and feel proud to be walking with the time !!
You try out new dishes in the kitchen and appreciate the globalisation !!
You use the latest web ettiquettes and whine that years back there weren’t such good means !!
…..so on and so forth !!!

You adapt to the changing world as long as you are at the beneficiary end. But when it comes to some old cultural trend, despite the world raising voices and concerns against the malpractice, you keep speaking your mind in the favour… Its you who’s responsible for the ‘G-gap’.

You say “this generation sucks”….. We say you are “outdated”. (Its just the matter of perception, a difference in the way you look at the culture and practices)

Yes, I believe in globalisation. I believe in changing with the time. Don’t make an issue in the name of culture and (mal)practices, ’cause I believe that no culture teaches you to.. give birth to ‘cheque-books’ not ‘kids’… Lie in an obscure corner coz you are a ‘woman’…….and what not !!!

I believe it’s the older generation who needs to grow positively both in cultural and physical way.

No offense meant here !! I know a bulk of such older men/women who adapt to the changing times and with whom you can cherish every moment of your day. And I know many of my generation too who actually wanna be with their parents and grandparents provided the latter doesn’t prefer changing the former. It takes two hands to clap…and definitely two supportive ends to bridge the gap !!!

Any wonder why nuclear families came in vogue ??


~ by Neha Sinha on September 11, 2008.

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