‘Togetherness ++’ (This is a Special Post)

September 13, 2002

She walked along the college roads articulately carved on the forest look-alike campus with her dad giggling at the sight of the first years walking with heads hung. They stopped to meet an acquaintance who happened to be a Physics prof at the same college.
She : “Hullo uncle !!”
Prof : “Hey kid !! How have you been doing all this while?”
Just then a guy dashed in, in the Prof’s chamber with his permission of course.
Prof : “Hey son !! First Year ??”
He : “Yes Sir !!! First Year IT.”
She : “Hey….Me too”

They exchanged smiles and shaked hands and then ‘He’ turned to the prof..
He : “Can I get the time table sir?”
Prof (Handing over a sheet to him) : “There you go.”
She : “Hey, what lecture is it? I am for the same course and it would be my first lecture today”
Prof : “Ya man, take her to the workshop !! Its the same session right now, isn’t it !”
He : “Ya Sir”
And off they flew to the workshop. The workshop was followed by a series of lectures….They saw each other and with every glance they exchanged they could feel the sweetness of knowing each other………..

Later :

Days passed… They became the best of friends… They now shared their smiles, sobs, dreams and thoughts… Over the journey they never forgot to celeberate this one day of the year when they met each other…

September 13, 2008

Its today..
Its six long years of celeberations.. Its 72 months of ups and downs.. Its 2192 days of togetherness…
Today is special all the more…’Coz today after six adoring years they get the assurity of a lifetime Together !!!

Today ‘She’ lies in her bed thinking of those wonderful moment and scribbles a few lines for ‘Him’……

You’re the shoulder I lean on,
the hand that I hold,
The eyes with the message
That never grows old,
The smile that is part of
Each warm memory –
You’re everything special
That means love to me…..

…..and when she closes her eyes…she can feel him slowly whispering in her ear “Happy Frn’ship Day Dahlin !!!” Today its another special day ‘coz two months down the line it would be formally announced that they are “Made for each other”..

And for what makes this post very special…………..

** This is the 169th (13^2) post on this blog.
** My college roll number ended with a ’13’.
** My office employee id starts with ’13’.
** My house number is ’13’.
……………………………………..so on…

** It would be 13th Nov two months down the line.
** Its 13th Sept today.
** It was 13th Sept exactly six years back.
** ’13’ is MY LUCKY NUMBER !!!


~ by Neha Sinha on September 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “‘Togetherness ++’ (This is a Special Post)”

  1. congrats…..:)

  2. @Sam : Thanks Sammy 🙂

  3. even I am happy

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