‘Chalk’ing Beauty !!


And there the school bell rang. Classes over. All the kids running gaitely to their buses.. She quietly waited till the roudies of the class had left..silently went upto the teacher’s table..picked up the left-over chalk pieces..then gleefully headed towards her bus.

She had been doing this for quite a while now, and had collected a big box of many colorful chalks.. Nobody ever knew what this small 4th std gal was collecting these chalk pieces for.. Her friends would laugh at times..and she’d smile back.. Mom would yell at her silly act of collecting this trash..and she’d smile back..

After the school hours, having done all her homework she would spend some time in her room..all alone.. everybody thought she’d be playing or writing something… Then one day she brought a finely carved white chalk piece to her mom… Mumma was absolutely surprised… The kid was never trained in any form of art..she just couldn’t understand how her kid had picked up this creative hobby… She now knew the reason for all those chalk bits that lay fallen on the room floor now and then.. Mom, Dad, friends, teachers everybody encouraged the young lass… She was yapping her way to glory… She was finessing in some form of art that nobody was aware of….

Days and years passed… and the gal grew up to be a software professional… a so called professional who had no hobbies rather no time for the hobbies n all….. Today when she has time to pause and ponder she yearns for a chalk box and a small needle again…….and today she knows its a famous art…

Oh..how much I wish I could have those chalk pieces back……..


~ by Neha Sinha on October 7, 2008.

4 Responses to “‘Chalk’ing Beauty !!”

  1. Hmmmm nice art work..

  2. @Puneet : Ya, I know.. Chalk carving is a b’ful art.. The one in the pic is not my work though..

  3. very interesing 🙂

  4. @Sam : Yup.. its interesting and b’ful at the same time.. I was totally in love with this crafft back then….. 🙂

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