Talk-To-Me !

How important is conversation to you..?? For me its the life and soul.. I cant stay without talking.. I need to speak my mind come what may ! The worst thing one can do to me is ‘not speak’ to me. I feel irritated when I am devoid of a responsive audience.. For me, the listeners are the equal contributors in speech !

Today its another one of those days.. I wanna speak to someone..
I seriously need to talk to someone…someone who can understand my situation and my feelings..rather ‘Me’ right now and not pass any judgements, teachings or whatever…!!! I wanna talk…

Probably this is the best place !!!

Last of all..

Life has taught me – “however hard you try to please the people around you, you can never succeed unless at the cost of your own soul !!!”


~ by Neha Sinha on October 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Talk-To-Me !”

  1. a poem with same title 🙂

    What would you do
    If i’m be the last person in this world to talk to

    Would you go hide under a tree
    And make me wait for eternity

    Or would you start talking to me

  2. @Sam : Undoubtedly b’ful…

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