We’ll divide ourselves, You can come n RULE !!!

You might be wondering what the heck made me start this post with such a ridiculous topic. The reason follows:

…While at work today a discussion kicked off with a colleague. He told me about a community on orkut of which he was a member. This was no frenz gathering..nothing which seemed to interest a guy too ! But this man (around 27-28 yrs of age) was so emotionally attached to the cause for which this community worked. The community was based on a fight (he termed it as ‘struggle’) with the central and state govt. regarding a part of the state to be entitled as a separate entity. He boisterously stated that this great struggle was in place for the past 60 years or so. I had to ask what ‘good’ this so called struggle would do to the people of the state or the community or the country or anybody in general. He had his reasons which he said I won’t understand…some of them which he stated out of sentiments were that all the rivers flow from this particular region, the great men belonged to this land etc etc. To make his point stronger he started stating the other voices that are being raised around the nation for different regions to be independent entities. What made me turn nuts was the example of the U.S. of A. ~ 33000 people and 56 states !

I don’t intend to narrate the complete debate I had with this person b’coz ultimately what I could conclude was the fact that these regionalists cannot be guided by mere arguments. These people are beyond the realization that such ‘struggles’ are nothing but the ‘evil child’ of the dirty politics played by the so called ‘leaders’ with the innocent mob and the stupidly overenthusiastic youth !

I just wish India gets good Leaders (not politicians) who can drive the country and the youth to the right direction and prevent further divisions ! Please for God’s sake do not ‘chop’ Mother India !!


~ by Neha Sinha on October 30, 2008.

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