Destiny is not a matter of is a matter of choice !!!

The title is what reads on my gtalk status today…. I put this up coz i wasnt finding an apt title for this post…

This post is again not something technical or so… though i have been thinking of putting up some good technical stuff on my blog….

..if u have been a consistent reader at this place, u would know that I have recently switched to a new organization… What i had switched for was a nice project and better opportunities… but lately i have realised that the people here were more of manipulative to recruit me and yes now i am not satisfied to be here………

The major concern is the attitude of people for the women folk… there are less gals around.. but in my team there are only 2 including me…..and finally after one and a half month its a big day for me today.. !!!

I had been struggling with these people and their mentalities till now…but since there weren’t any respectable changes in their attitudes i got this issue up with the HR Team… and to my surprise i have more people supporting me in this step..including people from my team who have several concerns with the non-technical non-supportive mole-headed PM & business analyst & others in the same heirarchy………… Cool !! I M A REBEL NO DOUBTS !!! and now I am gonna turn all tables upside down till the things are better realised and definitely changed ……………Yes, I cannot stand the wrong !!!

Wish me luck… I am fighting with a big unit and an age old culture… I ll be better with your support guys n gals… 🙂

Have a nice day !!


~ by Neha Sinha on December 8, 2008.

8 Responses to “Destiny is not a matter of is a matter of choice !!!”

  1. wish you best…. Rock On !!!

    • Hey Sammy..

      Nice to see someone supporting me…
      M glad that there are ‘men’ who agree with my point of view !

      Dude these ‘so called men’ around me need to change their perspective n outlook towards life..n splly their female counterparts.

      …I really appreciate and render my heartfelt gratitude and respect to brave men like you who know how to honour the fairer sex equally !

      Thanks a lot buddy.. U made my day 🙂

  2. & its nice to see a fairer sex trying to be treated ‘equally’… 🙂 … so brace the weather & keep on going

    • yup.. I have been treated as equally till date & at times better ! n I ll fight till I get what I deserve…

  3. Hey Neha,

    I totally feel for you. I m working as a product manager at software manufacturer in germany. Its safe to say that this business is dominated by men. All of the developers, sales reps, consultants and partner managers I work with are… male!

    All the battles I fight every day are tiring. Sure there are open minded colleagues who also take input from a young woman – but unfortunately there are enough men who do not.

    Just remember: Revenge is a dish best served cold. Your day will come.

    • Thanks Barbara for dropping in !
      M too waiting for ‘My Day’ to come…
      My struggle with the system surrounding me is still on…n almost each day i face some new ‘political stunt’ from these so called ‘males’ whoz ultimate aim is not to prove themselves better but to let me down….
      I do agree that there are men who respect the women folk well…n frankly speaking before getting on with this ridiculous bunch of males all colleagues had been damn too professional, respectful, cooperative n fun to be with… I do not despise the men folk completely but its just one bulk of ppl I feel hatred for…
      What hurts me more is the fact that the ladies around me are more of giving in n do nt believe in standing up for the wrong despite hating the truth themselves……
      Thanks anyways … Your words really soothe ! 🙂

  4. Hi Neha,

    some women need to see someone else fight this injustice before they have the courage to do so themselves. Maybe you ll be the one who will have to do the intial work…

    My favourite stunt is men trying to improve their status by lowering yours… i.e. criticizing your work whenever possible with anyone important in CC or general face to face with as much audience as possible. Find the strength to defend your work and uncover weaknessses of your opponennt. Dont just stand there and listen… I learned this the hard way :<

    • …Ya…U r right Barbara…
      I have faced a lot of this tactic in the past few weeks now…they try to let me down with every single possible opportunity… all i have been doing so far is responding bak with the same fervor whenever possible and keeping my calm as well… n now the final solution I see to this never ending ridiculous struggle is to look out for a change !!
      Yes m n for a change now..! But as long as m here I’ll give them a tough time too !

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