Configuring Excel Services with MOSS 2007

Had been working with a reputed institute as a SharePoint trainer. Will be posting a few topics here too.

The steps are as follows :

Excel 2007 is the only compatible version for Excel Services Configuration with MOSS 2007.

Open your sharepoint portal -> Site Actions -> Create -> New Doc Library -> Give Title & Desc -> Select Document Template as Office Excel Spreadsheet

Open Excel Workbook -> File -> Publish -> My Network Places -> Select your Excel Library -> Chk open in excel services -> Excel Services Options -> Select Sheet -> Items in Workbook -> Select Chart -> It gives a permission error

Open Central Admin -> Shared Services Admin -> services on server -> start Excel Calculatio Services -> Shared Services -> Trusted File Locations -> Add T. F. Loc -> Add Library Location (URL) -> Select Children Trusted -> Select Trusted data connection libraries & embedded

Open the page on your portal where you wish to host your Excel Charts -> Edit Page -> Add New Web Part -> Select Excel Web Access Webpart (in business webparts) -> Open tool pane -> Select Workbook


~ by Neha Sinha on June 30, 2009.

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  3. Quick Step to read in one shot.

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