..Yes the basic necessity of life…and this is whats on my mind all this time !
I had a full meal today at one of the Indian Restaurant in the vicinity… Somehow I am happy with a full stomach after a long time..(it seems like ages I ate)..

I had an upset stomach since morning and regular stomach ache since I landed in this place… Today I started showing up some temperature as well.. I am a bit worried and trying to take as many precautions as I can (really scared of the Swine Flu)…

Had a gud day at office though I cudnt concentrate much owing to the stomach infection…I seriously cant take more bread and such junk stuff long….
My team mates are planning to take me out on some trip n m ol excited..

These are ol lovely ppl…gr8 at heart and so warmly accepting in nature !
..Just love being a part of this team…

One thing very important : I have realised the worth of food and I vow never to waste it again.. !

Some pics…

njoy !!

Have a gr8 day !


~ by Neha Sinha on September 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “Food…!!”

  1. best of luck with food 🙂

    • yep thnx.. m quite gud now… it was hard to finish that dinner box yesterday 😛 owing to the quantity but the starved me tried to ate it to the last morsel… and yes I had a nice sleep….. btw hwz ur angel..?send some pics 🙂

  2. angel is fine…sleeping mostly 😀 … will send some pics soon

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