Another fortnight remains…

The first week in Israel is almost over… 🙂
I visited a few spots near my hotel….
Looking forward to a trip probably to Haifa, Old Jaffa, Jerusalem and Dead Sea over the next couple of weekends….
I realise I have only a couple of weeks remaining in Israel and the good news is that these days have a lot of celeberations planned in a row……n I m a bit too excited for them….

The next weekend is the hebrew new year, then we have a few product releases in office, and a team event before I leave…I have so much to look forward to 😀

One thing for sure, I work with the most lovely ppl in the corporate world !!!
The people in Israel are unexpectedly so so warm..I knew they are good ppl for sure….but I find them much much better when I am here with them… This stay is one of the nicest memories of my lifetime….

I have 3 major reasons for which I miss India the most….My Love, My Family and Food………n food is something I am getting adjusted to now….I have started finding something or the other to fill my tummy….

To end this post I would just thank the ppl here who try their best to make my stay comfortable in this foreign land…Just wanna tell them that their efforts are so much helpful…….

And on another note…m happy off with Video Chats now… They make me feel so much better…I am no more that lonely 🙂

GoodNight !

Wake up with a new dream !!!


~ by Neha Sinha on September 11, 2009.

One Response to “Another fortnight remains…”

  1. Great, ROCK ON !!! 🙂

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