Homesick :(

I really feel like running back to home… Just 12 more days in Israel but still I just could not hold myself back over this weekend…. The ppl with me have already seen the places here and so did not want to go anywhere… hence me too was caught in hotel room for most of the time….

I missed the weekends back home… weekend for us is one part of the week when we spend maximum time together and have the maximum fun and activity…. Missed it ol badly…

Plus, today, ie, 13th we have our 7th anniversary…the day we met 7 years back…..the day we cherish the most… Missin u sweetheart……

A small verse to end the post……

Koi deewana kehta hai…
Koi paagal samajhta hai,
Magar dharti ki bechainee ko bas baadal samjhta hai…
Tu mujhse door kaisa hai, mai tujhse door kaise hoon…
Yeh tera dil samajhta hai ya mera dil samajhta hai…!!!

Just wanna say I am so very incomplete without you my love……………


~ by Neha Sinha on September 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Homesick :(”

  1. So sweet Neha but do bear in mind that separation shall fuel the fire 🙂 Don;t be homesick but feel good to know that you shall be back in a few days with new experiences up your sleeve and perhaps new gifts for your loved one ….

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