Next Weekend in India :)

yeah.. the last and the long weekend is finally over…
i took a trip to jerusalem on saturday….friday was dedicated to shoppin n sunday to the beach…. loved the mediterranean…
..and as for Jerusalem it was a nice trip…didnt really like the place too much but yet it was worth visiting…

Israel has a very unique religious blend !!!
Weekends are shabbat time…. and the very astonishing part of it is that this day the ppl ‘DO NOT WORK’…. they dont write, they dont use electronic good, not even the toaster or the mobile…no driving..nothing !!!!!! 8) [Eyes Wide Open !!!]

And on the way back to Tel Aviv…we saw a VERY STRANGE village… something Latnur (i guess thats the name) ……. Now whats interesting in this place is that the ppl here DO NOT SPEAK……. I am not kiddin !!!!
They dont talk all their communication nothing…… and what they are supposed to do 24*7 is talking to their innerself and God….
This place is a funded locale and various religious institutions fund the living and basic needs of religiously dedicated ppl… No comments further but I feel its all weird … rather very weird…
M not sure which God asks you to do so….!!!
At least mine doesnt….and I know I can please Him by doing good, being good and thinking good….. !!!

Anyways I am off to India this Friday…. 😀


~ by Neha Sinha on September 20, 2009.

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