Time to make new resolutions :)

..M back!
Had an awesome long weekend and am couting minutes to the next one.
1. I have got my house almost set up
2. I found out a good maid (eureka!)
3. Worked out the net connection…and now it sucks comepletely !!!
4. Had a trip to Girivan and Mulshi dam
5. Made amazing ‘Gajar ka halwa’ (for the first time in my life, trust me it was just too good)
6. We spent some ‘quality’ time with each other and friends alike !

Just a few more days and we’ll all step into the new year…

Looking back at this year which is soon gonna end,
…I smile, I cry,
…I lol, I say WTF,
…I thank God, I say ‘why me?’,
…I can feel the immense love, I can spit at the hatred,
…I cry in joy, I cry in pain !!!

2009 started with loads of painful moments for me. DH was away and for the first time I had a new year start without him by my side….and believe me it was the worst of the beginnings of the year…..
I just cannot forget that night with my irritating, senseless, disrespectful, insane roomie(i hate to think about her….gimme some more bad words plssss) who made the night all hell by playing the loud harsh south indian songs and arguing on top of her voice (with all bad words) with me when I asked her to lower down the volume…. Ohh dat was hell of a moment…….I used the F#&@ word for the first time 😦

Jan 2009 – Bad, Worse, Worst !!! A management and a team I would hate to work with. Month end, I put down my papers! 😦 I was stuck so badly………Didnt know a way out. Had to manage a lot of things all alone. But yes, I learnt a lot from all this… My conception of ‘almost everyone good in the corporate world’ shattered to pieces… I could realise how mean people are around…. and most of all I couldnt believe the junk of irresponsible people i had in my surroundings who wouldnt speak up for the sake of anyone even though they know the things are so wrong !!! All I could say wa FTW !!!!! and yes that A$$#*&@ of the manager and parasitic teammates……… (Forgive me, I cannot use a single good adjective, and my soul wouldnt let me leave the place blank, i still feel they deserve so much bad in their lives, vindictive I am for sure)…. I can never forget them…. Good News: THEY ARE ALL SCREWED UP IN THEIR DESTINIES BY NOW

Feb 2009 – He returned. Things started settling down… We were off for the biggest day of our lives… Lovely days…I had my strength all back. I knew I was ready to face what comes.

Mar 2009 – It was a great time…busy with family and friends…It was so much a nice feeling having parents visit us in ‘My Home’ for the first time. And yes.. His budday… πŸ™‚

Apr 2009 – I spent most of my time facing interviews and studying and by the end of it all Recession was taking on my nerves…I was too upset with myself.

May 2009 – I had decided to stand still at this biggest shake in my life.. Joblessness had already overpowered my confidence…I knew I was not destined to this and I found out a way……. Joined as a trainer for MOSS 2007 admin… Technical knowledge is always useful.

June 2009 – My budday πŸ™‚ and it was one of the longest durations i had spent with my bro since my college years.. It was all quality time and i was loving it thoroughly !! Meanwhile I got an offer with a US MNC (didnt join there though.)

July 2009 – I joined my current organisation. Life was totally back with a bang.I got nice people to work with, and effective and people oriented management. Everything started settling down. I was happy.

Aug 2009 – I had gained the work life balance. This was a time when I was very pleased and contented.

Sep 2009 – We marked our 7th year of being together πŸ˜€ and then there was my trip to Israel. September was amazing and I cannot forget those hours nd hours of video chats with DH.

Oct 2009 – Festivals, Trip to home and loads of shopping !

Nov 2009 – The month of change ! Where there were changes happening all around me in office there were more changes to follow at home. DH decided to move on with his career..got a couple of nice opportunities and also we looked out for a new accomodation near office. Life was getting better in every way.

Dec 2009 – Last but never the least… I LOVE DECEMBER in general… no reasons why! My Bro & DH get their dream jobs. We moved into a new house..bigger n better….and now i can walk down to my office… We get so much more time to spend together.

All in all….2009 brought to me a lot. A lot of smiles..some new relations…some new friends and a whole lot of practicality in attitude. This year firmed my belief in love more and more and I am so happy I gotta spend my life with a wonderful person………..

I am looking forward to the the year ahead…and here are my resolutions :

1. I will drink lots of water (i drink way too less water and the doc says i should improve!)
2. I’ll try to spend lots of quality time with DH and our family.
3. Will try to be a little more frequent to my blog.
4. Will try to be a better human being πŸ™‚

And few things I seriously look forward to in the coming year:

1. A house of our own
2. DHs favourite car
3. Some nice travel plans

Till my net connection recovers.. I wish you all a wonderful year ahead !!! May you be blessed with more loved ones, more smiles and more reasons to cherish each moment !!

What better than a long weekend to start the year πŸ™‚ Welcome 2010 !!!!!


~ by Neha Sinha on December 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Time to make new resolutions :)”

  1. Good Maid ?? lets see how long this statement lasts :D. I luv gajar ke khir “Gajraila”. You started using the ‘F’ word, how bad a word you are looking for ? πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year πŸ™‚

    • Yeah…so far the maid is good !
      I love Gajar ka halwa…never tried kheer although…
      and as for the F word… i hate it !!!! that is the worst i can think of saying and I feel bad about it… but sometimes u just cant let go off!!!

      Wish you a gr8 year ahead too πŸ™‚

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