A girl, A boy & A marriage !!

“…….You *should* follow this coz now you’re married.”
Isn’t this something really common to hear after one ties the nuptial knot.

I agree that a marriage brings in a plentiful of significant changes in one’s life, lifestyle and social being.

But I never have been able to understand why a marriage should impose changes on the person’s basic identity, nature and habits.

Most often with the female end of the knot is the one expected to be ready to forget herself completely and *adjust happily* in the new surroundings. Why doesn’t she get the freedom to ‘be herself’. From the day 1 she steps into the new phase of her life, she is expected to dress as per the *rules* and not her choice, she is expected to be an expert chef (even though she never cooked at her home, just like any other daughter in the in-law family), she is expected to follow all rituals and so on…………. Why isn’t she asked for her choice !

Not being female chauvenistic, I agree that the male counterpart in the relation is not spared too. Where bachelorhood gave him the freedom to enjoy life by his laws, a marriage pushes him into unsaid responsibilities, especially financial !

I have no complains with this association called *marriage*. But yes if it is all about changing the people at the two ends, I do question its existence in the society. Why can’t a marriage be just ‘all about sharing and all about caring’….sharing all responsibilities and gradually welcoming all unforeseen changes !

What do you say??

We all live with the objective of being happy… our lives are all different and yet the same !


~ by Neha Sinha on January 15, 2010.

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