…so many!

> I am happy for I have the best life partner one can have. Donno how he manages to keep up with all my mood swings and make me smile rather laugh even in the saddest of the moments.

> I am upset for a lot many useless things. I know they are useless..but they are memories. Memories of the times that I hate to think of.

> I am excited for our first long n personal vactaion. This time its not home , not family but US!!

> I am astonished at how fast this year has passed by! Never realised its almost an year that we got married !!

> I am tired..very tired of my daily schedule. Its been so long I had a relaxed sleep.

> I am worried about my health. Have not been keeping well since over a month. Lack of haem, dark circles under the eyes, and now this headache every now n then….. Its trying my patience! n I hate to go to the docs n m just not ready to go on ‘more pills’ now.

Donno why but these days it is difficult !

Have you ever faced a phase like this?????????


~ by Neha Sinha on February 10, 2010.

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