The Weaker Sex ???

1. We hear ‘mamma’s boy’ so often, never a ‘mamma’s gal’
2. Who has the courage to be a part of a new family, and start anew !
3. Who has the capacity to survive with the head held high in this world where she is expected to live with ‘all duties n no rights’.
4. Who has the strength n the patience to give birth to a new life…bearing all the pain !
5. Who has the modesty to do well in career and still not be jealous of the other sex doing well.
6. Who has the capability to manage personal, professional & household responsibilities, all at the same time.
7. Who has the determination to sacrifice her ambitions for the sake of her child.
8. Who has the tolerance to live only by the rules n not by choice!
You decide..who is the weaker sex !!!!!
I started on this note because I am hurt at the inequality of rights & freedom levied to the women folk across the globe.
Even though the girl is equally or more educated than the men in the house, she is expected to be a dumb doll who can be controlled the way the family, the relatives, in short the world wants !!!!
How lame is that…
I guess the people need to grow up in their minds…
Guys…have the courage to appreciate your female counterparts when they make better decisions than you do. Applaud them when they ascend the corporate ladder. Cheer them when they hit the success mark. Have the guts to stand by the right person (even if it means supporting your wife against your mom).
Grow up !!!
You need to !!!


This is my entry for the Indusladies International Women’s Day Blog Contest

I post this under Relationship Issues, Workspace Inequality

I tag few of my fav bloggers…. Chandni, Dee & Sudha 


~ by Neha Sinha on February 25, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Weaker Sex ???”

  1. Thanks for making us realise the need to grow up. 🙂

    Thing is that ‘Strong Sex’ can’t even go this path. They will be considered ‘Weaker’ to be complaining of the ‘small’ hurdles. 😛

  2. Its amazing that today’s women still think them self as weaker sex. Life is not about right or wrong but about not rocking the boat when you are in the middle of the storm. Its kind of sad the people still believe in stereotypes though there examples of man taking up responsibility of the house when woman decide to pursue her career in corporate world. Mr Murthy when starting Infosys had told Mrs Murthy “either you or I have to stay at home to take care of children. You can go ahead and work with Infosys and I can take up house responsibility”, but Mrs Murthy decided otherwise. So don’t patronize by writing about such topics in an argumentative manner.

  3. @Abhishek:

    Well, first – welcome to the blog 🙂

    second – You must re-read what I wrote. Today’s woman is definitely sure that she is ‘not the weaker sex’ ! She manages home and work all well, together. And no doubt a big number of guys dont feel shy helping their moms or wives with the domestic chores too. But what I wrote meant for a larger number of masses. What needs to change is the general mob mentality. A small section of the society has undoubtedly grown out of the stereotype state of mind but definitely a majority of the people still think the same way. That is what needs to be changed.

    third – Mr. Murthy is one exceptional gentleman 🙂 and for sure there are many more like him.

    last – Really appreciate that you shared your thoughts.

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