Back ! Back ! Back !

…yeah m here again. But more in general to say that I won’t be too frequent to this place for some more time may be…
March 2010 has been important. These days that went past brought to me some really important moments of my life..where on one hand there were dreams coming true and lots of happiness, and on the other hand were the sad bits..where I could see and feel the immense disappointment and hatred… I am perplexed at my fate, totally!

There have been hundreds of things I wanted to record here…………..

The Goa Trip: Had an Amazing time with hubby and friends.. Awesome place n Lovely moments spent….Few clicks below (Pls dont forget to appreciate this budding photographer 😉 😀 ) —

The Bomb Blast in Pune: where two young colleagues lost there lives along with so many others…the two girls were very young, just started their careers and fate blew away their happy hours forever. I feel so sad and so sorry for them and their families. I totally despise these rascals who in the name of religion care so less for the rest of humanity. Donno if it is mere heartlessness or sheer foolishness that they name as ‘religion’. Donno which damn religion teaches you to take away lives. I can’t even call you humans for God sake!

Sachin’s 200: His bat did all the speaking 🙂 .. Never saw such tremendous innings… n m happy I was alive to witness the miracle.

The Good News: I have absolutely no idea why some people are so much interested in us popping out the ‘good news’. Either they have nothing else left in their own lives to care for or may be they are just not sure that others can take the big decisions of their lives on their own. I mean, for heavensake leave us alone! We can very well decide when we wish to have kids. Not that we have no liking for children or we are running madly after our careers, but that we wish to have kids only when we are sure we can give them the best of all worlds. And that entirely is ‘our decision’.

The Real Good News: Now I have ‘my own house’. Our first big joint possession. No more rented more packings n shiftings hereafter… We will be moving in our house in a couple of months 🙂 (Can’t wait for the big day to arrive 🙂 )

I have a lot more to share, but I guess I’ll wait to return. I miss this place all the while I am not here…and I have been struggling to find some time… Work is a little hectic these days and I am busy all day to make sure I leave for home on time. Also, I am looking forward to find a small break from my daily routine and flee away to some hills for a couple of days at least….may be in a month or so!

I’ll be back soon. Till then, Wish you good times !!


~ by Neha Sinha on April 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Back ! Back ! Back !”

  1. Sad to hear about the blasts. I dont believe it got anything to do with any religion. Its pure heartlessness.

    Congrats on the house. May it be full of happiness 🙂

    About Sachin’s 200, its better to have Sachin broke the record than anybody else 🙂

    && nice pics 🙂

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