So here was a little heated discussion…

A friend who believes in publicising his blog on Orkut, FB and everywhere feels anonymous blogging is no good!
I had my own set of arguments although…I am writing it all for me…right? So why do I need to make it popular among my family n friends and relatives…! I dont want to be judged on my writing…I dont want to be followed and questioned for what I am writing and why I am writing… I feel it makes me conscious when those I know read my rants n ol..

What say?


~ by Neha Sinha on April 20, 2010.

5 Responses to “Anonymous?”

  1. Well you are right but not completely…………….

    I also write blogs… One of them is private (locked) as I open my heart there and one is public.. where I share the good part of my life. For some others, you can visit ‘motley [dhot] in’.

    I have sent you Gmail invitation. I hope you accept it..

    All the best for all the good things you do….

    • Thanks for passing by this space Vipul.
      Even I password protect some of the posts on this blog….
      I dont mind ppl reading this stuff here…but I dont want to deliberately push them to this place and write with a feeling of what others wud think n ol…..
      I dont hide my identity on the blog, but I dont really support publicising my writing.

      You have a nice site… Went thru a few posts 🙂

  2. Well i believe it depends upon the material of the blog. If its personal, then better stick to ‘anonymous’ blogging.

    If its technical, then i believe it would do good to share with your friends, because they can give you hard time to made your point which in turn do you good. IMHO.

    • Well, in general there is nothing to hide ! But I dnt support any kind of publicizing….

  3. […] –> I have never publicised my blog within my social networks since I wanted my freedom and wanted to keep away from any kind of judgements from the ones in my life. This is exactly what I said here. […]

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