…as I looked into the mirror, staring myself, after a long time, I skipped a beat. A well washed face, clear and glowing..but who is this? For a moment, I failed to recognise ‘me’. I realised, I have changed!! Changed a lot!!

Undoubtedly, I have undergone so many changes over the past few years. I rushed to get hold of the old albums…

For everyone else, may be I am the same stubborn, extrovert, short-tempered, determined, smiling, humorous, chirpy girl…but within me I know I have changed a lot.

Let me try to list down a few changes…may be saying them out can help me feel lighter:

1. Way back I could ignore the biggest of messes life may put me into. But now, it is difficult for me to let go of the smallest issues. I make my way out of them anyway, but I get irritated soon.

2. I have become more silent. There are times when I am short of words, unlike a few years back.

3. I have grown mature in terms of planning n control over my life. That is good I guess.

4. I have grown into a jealous creature :-/ There are times when I look at things/people/lives and feel J of why I can’t get the same. I know its bad and I repent this feeling everytime.

5. I have become much more practical in my outlook towards life. Emotions don’t stir me too much now.

6. I was never much attached to a lot of people in my life, but if I put it a little more correctly, I have become more detached ! (other than the hubby dear-can’t expect a moment without him)

7. And since, with the years passing by, my brain was overflowing with all sorts of data and facts it started settling down in the rest of the body 😛 So I guess cannot say that I have grown fat 😉

Okay!! ‘7 Major Changes’ !!
Guess thats way too much for the past 7 years almost.
But I am fine with these. Some are for good and some for bad, but yet isn’t that what makes me – ‘ME’


~ by Neha Sinha on June 15, 2010.

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