Life is like that…

I have so much to record on this space…
The past few days have been such!

Ok…let me put down a day by day update-

Wednesday– We had taken a day off from work to do the major preparations for the housewarming on Saturday. This was such a perfect day… We shopped, completed all paperwork required for the possession, had gr8 food and after like years spent hours in the Gaming zone! It was a perfect break from work and the daily schedule. Small, Simple, Silly things n events made it so refreshing n happy. A nice n happy evening which wrapped up with an hour of pampering at the parlour..

Nothing seemed better!

Thursday– We were back to work. Loads of stuff to be completed before we could leave.

Just another normal day!

Friday– A day off from work again. The complete day was busy with all the preparations needed for the celebration on Saturday. We got the keys to our house finally.

We were happy, really happy!

Saturday– The big day. We had the big celebration (prayers, etc) for the housewarming. Nobody from our immediate families could join since they could not get any tickets confirmed. Only a cousin sis in Pune could attend the function. A few close friends and other relatives too.

As I said, it was a big day for us.

Sunday– 5:20 in the morning, my phone rings up and my cousin sis(mentioned on the Saturday event) was on the other side. I was shaken…she was crying bitterly…and then she broke the news….her 13 year old son passed away šŸ˜¦ Nothing could have been more terrible than this. We rushed to her house and seeing the corpse of my little 13 yr old nephew, i almost fainted….but I had to be strong to hold on to my sis, my BIL and their 7 yr old daughter…. It was a very very bad day… The child had a cardiac arrest…. I am shattered from within…. This kid was so close to my heart… And the last thing he said right before he collapsed was “Bye mamma”…May be yes, there is life after death, and if it is I would beg God to give him everything he ever wished for… Wish u a good life up above the heaven kiddo… I miss you…We all miss you badly and you’ll always be a part of all of us….may your soul rest in peace.

If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane,
I’d walk right up to Heaven
And bring you home again.

I feel I dont trust life too much now…

Yesterday I worked from home for a few hours. Today I am back in office. Trying to get back to the normal routine, but it is really hard.

The next couple of weeks I’ll be quite occupied while we finalize all fittings for the new house and move in.

Leaving you all with this till then…


~ by Neha Sinha on June 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “Life is like that…”

  1. May he rest in peace. Its hard to imagine the parents anguish. May no parent have to see passing away of their children. For them its a death before death. Its suppose to be other way around. Wishing them & you courage to cope with this.

  2. Yes, true Sam… Thanks for ur wishes dear.

  3. OMG !!! I’m short of words sorry….

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