Anyone looking for me??
I am back after disappearing for too long I guess…
Not that it was intentional, but I had been really-really occupied….
Life has been set on a roller-coaster ride ever since we moved into our new house.

People visiting…viral…cough…cold…setting up the house…running between work-home-hospital since my MIL had been detected a cyst in the brain…family…relatives….lack of sleep….endless chores….. …… much.

I was tired…terribly exhausted rather… And one night when I broke down completely.. I wrote this (which I never published…coz this cannot be ME)

“I feel so helpless…so detached…so lonely…
Sometimes I just wanna stand up and shout on top of my voice..’I QUIT !’ ..
I am losing it all completely…
I can’t handle it longer…. I really wish to run away from this battle of life….to end it all…’at once’ !!!”

*** I was very tired and very lonely…hardly anyone to speak to…lots of work….lot many responsibilities…and somewhere in an urge to keep everyone around me happy, I started losing my own self…
This night I was all alone in my room, and having no one to talk to made it worse… I wrote this on my notepad, sobbed on my pillow and donno when I fell asleep…
As I woke up next morning..the first thing I lay my hands on was this note… I read it again n again, over n over..n something in me gave me the strength to start fresh…. And I got back to life !! ***

I am still not recovered completely of my bad health…
This has probably been the longest of my ill-days…I have been coughing n coughing….it gets better and then worse…n the cycle continues….
I donno how many medicines I have swallowed in the past one month for this and yes the pain killers…….. My body aches likes hell by the end of the day….

I have been looking for peace for so long now……..
Finally with everyone gone, it’s me and the boy in the house alone after a long looooooong time… and we have been trying to get things back on track…

We have a long list of pending tasks..which probably we will wind up by the next weekend (hopefully!!)

All in all it had been too busy a month…with the few silver linings like spending some quality time with mamma n papa…(after like 8 months!) .. and reviving a few hobbies like Reading!

Yes, I have stolen all free minutes of the day to read!

Few books that I have been able to catch up with –

Reading is refreshing ! No wonder why they call books are your best friends !! 🙂

Any suggestions on more books worth reading are welcome 🙂 🙂 🙂


~ by Neha Sinha on August 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lately…..”

  1. Hm so finally you came up for an air. Nice to see you again :).

    Not much of a book reader. However read many classics in old days. This is a good ebook libabary to read classics:

    And like always Rock ON !!

    • Yeah m back Sam 🙂 I had to be…

      & for the site – Thanku 🙂 {will go thru it all soon 🙂 }

      on the other note—
      Hw r u doin ? I ope u had a gr8 time with the family 🙂

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