Back into my pair of denims :)

..Okay this might sound weird, but I am happy and excited at the same time 🙂

Few seven years back those who knew me wouldnt have imagined me the way I am now… From talking to walking to the choice of clothes or even a bicycle, I was a tomboy… I would go to school in pants till they allowed me, I would ride a geared trailblazer rather than the pink girlie lady bird…I had more friends among boys than the girls (i never njoyed their chit chats in general)…..

Growing up was fun, except the part where I was made to realise at every next step that I was a girl and I must behave like one !! Disapprovingly but yes, I started turning to what people around me expected… The college added to it..Jeans n westerns were not allowed in the campus..only salwar suits……..The wardrobe kept changing and finally I accepted it all that way…Days went by and all thanks to this job and this weirdo lifestyle, I put up all the flab in the world… Westerns were out of question now !!!

In the recent few days, I realised how much I have changed and deep down in my heart, I DONT LIKE IT ! I wanna be back to what I was and when I am trying my best to keep everyone around me happy, I ‘must’ be happy myself too………

So here the attempt begins. I bought a dark blue pair of jeans and a lovely pink tee 🙂 and irrespective of how it would look on me, how I would look with it, what people around me would think et al, I am gonna wear it. And one thing I am sure of is, as long as I am confident that I can carry it well, I know I’ll look happy and nice 🙂



~ by Neha Sinha on August 22, 2010.

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