Random …..a few Thank Yous I don’t wanna miss !!

To Lost Friends and Friendships..

23rd Aug: It’s her b’ day today.. I miss her badly.. 7 Years back this day I had decorated ‘our room’ with balloons n frills… packed the gifts with great care and looked longingly till the end of the day for her to return… She didn’t come, but a news ! She was in the ICU, living the last few moments of her life… She wanted to speak to me but couldn’t ….. Today, on your birthday, I wish you happiness wherever you are dear…and if ever you look upon me, you would know how much I miss you.. You had a special place in my heart, you’ll always be with me !!

Some 3 years back: I don’t remember when it all started, but there sure was something that drift us apart. I gave you the rights to judge me, to enter my space et al, like best friends do…and sure I was very happy to consider you were there…a place I had always secured for my treasured friends.. But ‘I was Wrong’ !! You never deserved it..and you still don’t……… I am happy we separated our ways soon enough, and what a face I saw of you !! I am happy, that you don’t have a space in my present n future!!

To Family..

There are times when I want to tell you this, but I could never voice it !
You all are the best gifts from God..
I want to say you a big thank you for everything you keep doing for me..
I need you with all my breaths….

To the Bro..

Happy Rakshabandhan…..I miss you a lot today…
I miss those childhood days when you would pester me to get ready as early in the morning as possible for the Rakhi ceremony…..just ‘coz you couldn’t stay hungry……
I miss the wide grin on your face when I handed you chocolates of your choice as sweets..
I miss the naughty you trying to show off by giving me your savings (U r a darling!!)
I miss it all…badly 😦

Wish you lots of happiness and success always 🙂

To the better half..

“It’s not the ‘Me’,
It’s not the ‘You’,
It’s the ‘We’,
That’ll forever sail through.

There’ll be good times,
Bad ones too..
We’ll face them all honey,
Yes, Me n You!!”

Darling, you complete my world !
You are my rock whom I can lean upon in the worst of times..
You are the one who has seen me at my best and worst and has loved me indifferently..
You have the best smile I ever saw…….
You are the purest soul I know!

There are times when I get mad at you for something, there are times when I become all cranky and moody…
But with every breath I take, I want you to know, I love you! And that I cannot imagine a moment without you !!

When they say, it’s a relation of 7 birth-times, I wanna tell them that ours is eternal ! 🙂

To my Friends..

There are relations that we get readymade… You are the ones I chose from the millions I come across…..
You people are precious..
I know I can count upon each of you for anything and everything….and I promise the vice versa……….
You guysngals light up my world….. Thank You All 🙂
I wish this bond stays forever !!

To the extended family, cousins and everyone else in my life..

Each of you is special in your own ways.
I may not keep in touch with you regularly, We may not speak very often, But I want you all to know.. ‘You Matter’ !!
I would love to keep you a part of my life always.

To all of you who are reading this..

Thank you for stopping by !
We might not know each other, but let me tell you that every time one of you stops by to spend a few moments in my world, there is a smile on this far off face……..
And whenever any of you cares to write back, I really really treasure that small comment of yours…n sure ‘You make my day’ !

Someday we’ll meet and be good friends too 🙂

The Life & A question..

It’s been raining bad news everywhere…somehow I have started to believe that it’s a small journey and each of us has a tenure to last and a role to play….
These happenings have brought changes to me too….Like I have started appreciating, much more than I ever did…
Now I lose no opportunity to appreciate anything worth.. Like yesterday, at the doctor’s clinic, I didn’t miss the chance to tell the reception boy that he had a very nice handwriting(which is a rare quality for people in hospitals)..and that his writing clearly conveyed how clear he is at his heart ! I don’t mind people looking at me with weird reactions…. His smile made my evening 🙂 🙂

Okay, for the question… “Would you miss me, if you get to know that I am not here, not in the world….nowhere around?”

[Note: I am not being a pessimist by this question, don’t judge me on this, and I am here for long :)]


~ by Neha Sinha on August 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “Random …..a few Thank Yous I don’t wanna miss !!”

  1. Wow, so many ppl. to thank for. Great post.

    For your question, YES.

  2. 2007 December…i think i read a shayari of your’s abt urself…something like “mauka mila to batayenge kabhi..”
    why do you blog …..
    something’s still there….??unknown..incomplete..?
    y connecting to d world like dis…try writin a book for time pass….

    • Welcome Manish to my blog 🙂

      As for your questions-

      ** I blog because of several reasons ! One-I love to write, since words are the best I can express myself with. Two-I want to preserve as much as I can, I love to re-read my past happy days. Three-This blog has given me a whole new identity..I started with sharing MOSS tips and over the time, this has become like an online journal to my life.

      **& for the book, I am on it ! Just the lack of time that is holding it back.. But there would be at least one of those in the market as soon as possible.

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