On an idle office day :)

Well on a less loaded day at office, what comes damn handy is the FaceBook 😀

Here’s a thread that ran on my FB wall a day before….n lemme tell you…it was fun, more fun, n yet more fun!!! Thanku frenz – SS, MK, AA, LN, KJ, PB to have made it such a rockinn game 🙂

Here’s what happened ………………

Neha Sinha   Spin the yarn once again 🙂

“It was her first day in office…” 

SS   and she came with a robot… 

Neha Sinha   She went to a corner, took the Robo out from her bag and asked him to find her a desk… 

MK    the robot gave her two options…. 

AA ‎….to take the seat in the cubicle next to her manager’s or to sit in ofc’ library… 

SS    she decided to sit next to manager and the robot sat on manager’s seat 

MK     the girl was smart….:) 

Neha Sinha   Suddenly the manager came…n he saw the Robo in his cabin… 

AA ‎…to the girl’s surprise, the robo shook hands with the manager…..and the manager’s protruding eyes seemed to come out after seeing the robo… 

SS    manager got furious and treid to throw robot out 

KJ  Robo whispered some thing in the manger’s ears and all was okk…wonder what was the communication 

Neha Sinha   The manager’s face brightened up… He looked at the girl and said… 

AA ‎…what a lovely friend u hav 😉 !

 MK     Welcome aboard…!! 

KJ    and go abroad ….and work at the client side 

AA ‎.  ..and leave your robo here…. 

Neha Sinha   ‎’Oh nooooo’ …. I can’t leave my Robo… The girl replied with tears in her eyes 

MK     What an emotional bond…the manager thought 🙂 

KJ  ‎”you don’t have to leave the robo , you have to carry it along with you” , manager replied 

PB   the robot whispered some thing in the girls ears..and the girl stopped crying 

Neha Sinha   ‎….but before you leave tell me where did you get this Robot from? 

SS    this is from the sitcomm Small Wonders i stole it the girl replied 

LN   I stole it from Aish after the shooting of Endhiran completed 

KJ  ‎”That cannot be true…Because …..”…nobody could believe what the manager said…Wonder what did he say 

Neha Sinha   Can it do some stunts ? Asked the manager 

LN   The girl blushed but did not say anything… 

KJ  It can do stunts but it cannot dance like Aish’s Robot in Endhiran or Robot …. 

Neha Sinha   That’s cool… Okay girl..here’s the deal… Give this Robot to me or I’ll tell the police about this theft… The manager grinned cunningly 

PB    girl replied ..this robot follows only my commands..it will be a waste for you.. 

KJ  ‎”I would produce filum with this robot..filum wud be a hit …get it married to a robotess and when they would have children they would follow my command”….Till then you give it the command 

LN  Thats ridiculous…tumhe manager kisne bana diya…hw can robot and robotess have children…bachpan mein bio nahi padhi kya 

LN   btw y d hell i m wasting time with u “Hey Robot darling, throw this crap out of this building now” 

KJ  ‎”y do u worry bout that …thats my problem” , the manager replied 

LN   ‎”Robo Darling, throw him out and dont let him make any noise” I am the manager of this company now 

KJ  Manager said “Khul Jaa Sim Sim” ….a robotess and it was love at first sight….Robot forgot the command 😛 

Neha Sinha   Violins started playin…n then enrique’s ‘The Hero’… The robot started dancing 🙂 

LN   That was the lady’s strategy…She knew that the robotess was trapped by the manager and it was the only way to get her out. The Robot acted as if he forgot the command but in reality through wireless communication he had sent the correct msg to the robotess. “Let us finish this bastard”

 KJ  But seeing his lady love it forgot all this and said “AA AB LAUT CHALEIN” to our ROBOLAND….. 

Neha Sinha   The robot and the robotess returned happily to their planet…and the girl and the manager were left bewildered… 

LN   Kahani khatam paisa hajam…Wait for the sequel when the lady will go to the roboland to get her robo back coz she loved him a lot 

KJ  And since the manager’s and girl’s office time got over they went home as like the people who are spining the yarns 🙂 😛 

Neha Sinha   aisa manager was thinking just when the girl took out another gadget from her bag………. it was a time machine

 KJ  Manager said I want to go home and continue with this tommorow…Time is up for today

 Neha Sinha   The girl said….Ya even I am too tired……..n we must leave for the day 🙂

Kal iss time machine ki help se i’ll bring my Robo backkkkk !!!! 

LN   But as they were leaving it started raining…and then 

Neha Sinha   ..they realised that they had only one umbrella between them.. So they went back home singing the bollywood rain songs……

 LN   and this climax resulted in the movie being a super duper flop 

Neha Sinha   ‎’Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost’

Happy Weekend People 🙂 🙂


~ by Neha Sinha on October 1, 2010.

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