The Career Woman

Rashmi from JamMag raised a great discussion when she wrote about the career-oriented-homemaker-moms . Well, I totally loved the read and I definitely second her opinion.

Gone are the days when the prime duty of the females in the family was to manage home and raise kids, without any aspiritations of their own !  The times have changed and so have the people and their lifestyles, their choices and their thought process. The female folk of this day seek equal opportunities for career and future. They wanna grow. They wanna excel in everything they do. They wanna stay self-dependent, and they have the capabilities to do it all.

But, the social set up that surrounds us has its own demands…mostly from the ‘woman’…..and not just demands, they have their expectations right on the top. A girl is brought up with these wise-lessons-for-life, which summarize to her sacrifices for the sake of family,x,y, and z too ! Very rarely is she preached of her-rights-to-her-lifeThe society ‘declares’ home and kids as the top priority for the girl and ‘demand’ her to leave aside her ambitions and wishes for the sake of it !  

I am 26 at present; married for an year and a half almost; with four plus years of work experience, work-that is a part of my life right now, something that gives me so much of my identity today. Very often rather every now-n-then I am told to slow down my ambitions since ‘they know it is the perfect time for us to plan kids and I must give a break to my career at some point soon to raise them’ !!!!!!!!!!!!! Aah, disgusting is what I say out everytime I am hit with this advice. I feel disgusted bcoz I havent given ‘them’ the rights to decide our family n the plans and more bcoz, whenever we have kids (which would be our decision totally) I wont be on a career break for sure. I might change my work-ways or get into an alternate career of my choice or turn my hobbies to  happy-work or whatever.  And at this point of my life, I say a big NO-NO to anyone who wants to interfere with my career aspirations….and I think so many of friends and acquaintances think on the same lines.

Today, I am ready to give my best at everything and attain success, and I am sure I can achieve a work-life-balance with it too.


~ by Neha Sinha on October 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Career Woman”

  1. Your post inspired me!Women shd keep themseleves identified with something in life like you said

    Btw,could you read my post
    and vote to support me

  2. Well, Neha. No more, its only women who are home-makers….there are stay-at-home Dads too 🙂 Look around and wake up to the world. Work is not the only identity you have…one’s identity is one’s own existence. Work is only a band-wagon of the economic train – and “career” is a marvelous term sponsored by the new age marketing guyz to get people to work, work and work.

    • @Aashish: Definitely Aashish. There are stay-at-home-dads too 🙂 n I respect this attitude from the core of my heart.
      As for the girl folk, its not about the career, its not about anything else…but just an identity which they were so denied in our society some years back. Work is probably just an additional feather in the cap. The point that I wanted to make was basically the fact that ‘in general’ the girls are expected to take on the homemaking legacy, sooner or later.

      Time n things are changing. For sure. And they are changing for the best.

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