Updates !

  • Work has been CrAzY
  • Have been working till midnight on most of the past days.
  • Cleared the International Marketing exam last Sunday. Now just 3 more to go to finish off with my MBA 🙂
  • Professionally, the most ‘mixed feelings’ wala weekend ! I recieved good words for my work on a couple of projects and ‘irrelevant escalations’ on another couple of requests sent to me. One of the most hilarious and disappointing escalation being – ‘Neha is saying she is not the focal point’. The good thing is my people understand me and my work. Just wish it doesnt get difficult ever.
  • Tired – if I have to explain my current state in one word. 😦
  • This weekend will be busy as well…Have lotsa shopping n preparations to be done for the festive season.
  • Get mentally prepared for the exam next weekend 😉
  • Buy gifts for the family for Deepawali….etc etc !

How ’bout u ppl?   Happy Weekend !


~ by Neha Sinha on October 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “Updates !”

  1. & don’t forget to breath in between those things 😀 … hell of a week i would say 🙂 Rock ON !!

  2. my 2nd weekend in office :-\

  3. i did 🙂

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