The Reflection of my Dreams, My brother!

I was barely two, when my first younger first cousin was born. I loved the little soul, loved to touch him, to feel his tender skin and kiss the rosy pink cheeks. I yearned badly to pick him up in my arms and cradle him, just like the older ones. But, probably trusting the small little hands of a two year old was not easy. I was allowed to play with the little baby only when he was in the cradle or on the bed.

Days passed but that feeling of pampering my own little reflection never died. I prayed whole heartedly for a little brother, whom I could pamper, kiss, hug and play with…a little one whom I possessed, totally.
Two years later, those innocent dreams come true! I had a small kid brother all for me. 🙂 Nobody could ask me not to touch him, or not to play with him… He was mine, completely mine. I would hug him, kiss him, take him in my arms, sing to him and pamper him to the utmost. Soon, mamma could trust me to take care well for my little angel. She would leave him to me whenever she would be in the kitchen. And then one day, while mom was in the kitchen and we were busy playing, something happened and the little fellow started crying. I sang to him, danced, patted him…, and did almost everything I could, but couldn’t stop him from crying. Finally, I took a small stone and placed it in his mouth 😦 (I was still an innocent 4 yr old). I was happy that the baby stopped crying but he started throwing up… This time I panicked… Rushed to mom, told her that bro is vomiting badly. She came running and found out the stone. When she asked, I told her that I used it to make the baby stop crying. She was taken aback, for sure. She didn’t get angry, but just took me in her arms and explained that whenever a moment like this shows up, I must consult her and not take some such step.

That was the moment! I was very careful with my little brother every moment after that. We grew up to be twin souls, despite the age difference. Not just my parents, over the years my little reflection could trust me for everything. Whether it was another boy in the class troubling him, or a teacher in the school getting angry at him, or even family or friends, no one, absolutely no one could get to him to hurt his feelings or give him even the slightest of tension, ‘coz he had a ‘big sister’ who now knew she had to protect him, and keep him safe from the evil pangs of life and society. In the family, we are still laughed at all incidents when my little baby would argue; rather fight with anyone, even his teachers in school for anything that I taught him. He would hold my arguments and try to convince them that even though they may not be completely wrong, but for sure his big sister is totally correct (One of his teachers’ complaints to my parents that it was very difficult to convince my boy, for he was always laden with something that I had said).

Over the years, I have seen him grow into a mirror self of my own, and every day I grow even fonder of him! Yes, he was and he is all my dreams come true!!!


** I have submitted this under the category ‘The Brotherly Bond’ for ‘Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul-Celebrating Brothers & Sisters’ …….and I hope my entry gets selected 🙂 (keepin my fingers cossed)


This post has been selected by blogadda for BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Nov. 16, ‘10 !! Yayyyyyyy 🙂 🙂 🙂


~ by Neha Sinha on November 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Reflection of my Dreams, My brother!”

  1. Aww..just picturing the scene of a little child attempting to stop another child from crying by shoving a stone in his mouth!

    Good luck with your entry for Chicken Soup for the soul.

    • Trust me…my intentions were very pure…Just couldnt see him crying !
      Btw Welcome to my world 🙂 🙂 Glad to c ya happy gal 🙂

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