The Book, The Diaries, The Memories and more !

When I got to know about the Latest BlogAdda Contest I didn’t wish to miss this opportunity of sharing what is a dear part of my childhood.

I had been an avid reader ever since I could read.
My school books with stories would be finished off even before the session began.
The school library was among my favorite places.
Famous Five, Super Six, Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, Little Women, Little Men… all were so dear to me !
But the book that left the biggest impact on my life, the dearest of all was ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ !

 A lovely book… We(me and my friends) read it, adored it, appreciated every bit of  courage the young girl had…
It was not Hitler or Nazism that fascinated us but the idea of writing.

We 12 year olds sat down and discussed the book (just like any elderly book reading club).. Fantasized how it would be like writing down the everyday notes in between all troubles..
And we all agreed how useful the ‘writing’ can be. The girl never intended to write a book or earn fame but she was just maintaining her journal.

We loved the idea. Each one of us started with our diaries.. A few even gave names to their diaries!!
So the everyday note to the ‘Dear Diary’ was jotted down carefully at the end of day..
The fun we had, the teacher we didn’t like or the latest crush all shared with this secret little dear friend called diary !
And the measure of one’s friendship would be nothing but who does one allow to read their ‘personal diaries’.

Over the years, the everyday diary stopped.. My diary was full of purpose now. It contained my poetry, my short stories, my debate notes or any words I liked and sometimes a letter or two to the unknown… and well, now it is my blog. Writing has helped me express myself better and treasure every important moment of my life forever ! And yes, young Anne’s diary too, is treasured very carefully in my book shelf forever. 🙂 🙂

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~ by Neha Sinha on November 30, 2010.

6 Responses to “The Book, The Diaries, The Memories and more !”

  1. all that we were, will surely never be forgotten. those sweet memories when engraved in our personal diary is a reprieve from our melancholic lives..

  2. Hey this is one of my favourites too and guess what.. I too started writing a diary after reading it.. and like you the whole Nazi thing sank in much later. The blog is a just a grown up version of the diary. Nice post.

    • Yup..the whole ‘diary’ thing was the most fascinating part of the gains from the book… And even till date it holds a spl place in my bookshelf 🙂

      & Thanks for droppin by dear 🙂

  3. Read it once, only the first few pages. I was a bit late on this whole literature/classics reading. Started reading after joining college, but were not able to let go since then. Little women was the real hookup to reading classics. Have you tried ‘My Antonia’ & ‘Anne of Green Gables’ series. ‘My Antonia’ by Willa Cather is my fav. Here’s the link

    explore this site, contains classics in abundance.

    • Little Women sure was addictive !! Havent yet read ‘My Antonia’ & ‘Anne of Green Gables’, but now that you recommended it, I cant wait for my next trip to the bookstore. Will read them for sure.

      Thanks for the link to the ebook 🙂
      My office printer gets some good work now 😉

      Have you read ‘To Sir, With Love’ Sam??
      Go ahead if you havent. Sure you wont regret a single page of it. It is such a masterpiece too.

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