Ah Well..

…Things are moving fast…Really Fast !
It has been a very quick year. A couple of more weeks and we’d be well into another year….rather a new decade setting in. It has been an year of some realised dreams for us.. And the one that’s on the way definitely promises more !!

…and did I tell you how simply high I feel when hubby dear tells me that he gets too surprised everytime I make a unrealistic plan and turn tables to make it a realistic decision ! 😉
(He has been complimenting me with this so many times this year 😀 ) ……and I love it, love it & jus’ love it when he hesitatingly trusts me with all of my crazy fantasies getting into shape. 😛  🙂

At work…it was just a nice year I can say…….
Its an IT world, people stay with the flow… Almost all of those who I were good friends with from the day I joined have moved out to look for better opportunities and they have been replaced by generally dull and silent people 😦 who fear to laugh their hearts out and get disturbed when others enjoy their work……. So this year I have been labelled as a work-hard-party-harder sorts !!! Well thats ‘okay’ with me … n I dont mind a bit of it 🙂
And for sure by next year, I’ll try and make these people enjoy their surroundings too 😀

…..More in the next posts
…..Till then, enjoy the chill of the season 🙂 🙂


~ by Neha Sinha on December 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “Ah Well..”

  1. Way to go Neha. Work hard..Party harder!

    I Woud like to know when/how you teach ur new colleagues to enjoy their surroundongs..I have few colleagues who could benefit from learning to enjoy their surroundings.

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