A li’l happy, A li’l hurt !!!

We have been the best of friends for long.
Destiny brought two of us to the corporate while he was forced to stay back to take care of his family business. He was disappointed and distressed… We equally missed him around…
The only way we could connect was the phone calls and occasional visits…
For the past few months we were so happy for him… He finally found a nice girl and got married..
We are still very happy for him….but a little hurt too 😦
Why does a new relation change the older ones…!!!
We are hurt ‘coz our friend seems to have forgotten us, completely.
Probably he doesn’t need us anymore in his life..
We understand that a new relation needs time…and so he isnt able to find time to call us..but can’t he even take our calls……
It hurts, a lot. 😦 😦

Do u too have people who change so drastically? all of a sudden?
Well, I never did this to anybody and I cannot bear it too 😦 😦

Anyways, however he treats us, I still wish the best of moments to fill his lifetime.


~ by Neha Sinha on December 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “A li’l happy, A li’l hurt !!!”

  1. it happens it happens…tumhara hurt hona jaayaz hai par jo tumhaara friend kar raha hai voh bhi theek hai. Voh ladki abhi uski zindagi mein aayi hai tho zaahir hai voh usee hi zyaada time dega na. he knows you will be there for him. Kuch dinon mein when he would have settled, I am sure he will call you. yehi life hai Neha….you make some friends, you lose some, you make some more….it goes on…but good friends will be there with you and for you.

    • Well yeah… I believe eventually everything will fall into place….
      I dont mind when he doesnt call… I dont mind when he doesnt take my call… But doesnt a friend deserve a call back even in a month!! I guess thats not too much to ask for………..

      • Neha, I know exactly what you mean. When one of my best friends got married, I felt the same way. To tell you the truth, me and another girlie friend of mine were jealous of his wife as she had become the centre of his world and he had completely forgotten about us..no calls/texts/emails….but two years into marriage..he was back in touch with us. two years was looooooooong time. he had missed out on lot of things that was happening in our friend gang but hey, we were glad he came back to us. hope your friend realises sooner and makes an attempt to send you one text atleast.

      • I wish so too 🙂

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