Where is the honesty………?

First.. Happy Valentine’s Day to you 🙂

Second.. Sorry for the absenteeism from the blog space.. 😦

Third… #Warning# Long rant ahead !!

Coming to the point of the post now…..
Well, for me, ‘honesty’ is one of the first qualities that I seek for in people.
But, lately, on several occassions when I lent an honest hand to help someone in need, I end up feeling cheated.

The first occasion was when few months back, a little girl and her mother begged us for some money while we were visiting a temple.
They pleaded that they had had nothing since morning and were hungry.
I spotted a juice corner nearby and ordered two glasses of fresh juice for them.
They drank the juice but again started following us for some money… This time we questioned !!
And flat came the reply.. “Madam humko paisa chahiye, juice toh aapne apni marzi se pilaya” (Madam, we want money. You ordered the juice out of your own will !)
This was not what we expected.. We had thought they were hungry and that’s what mattered.. But to our disappointment, they were so dishonest and disrespectful for what we did for them !

This incident reminded me of a similar situation that a friend of mine faced in mumbai. He bought wada pavs for the kids who were begging him for some money and they scornfully threw the wada pavs in the nearby dustbin and shouted back at him ki.. “Dena hai toh paise do..” (Give us money if u want)

Another incident that shook me was with my maid servant.
I had my family visiting me on Diwali last year. My mom-in-law has not been keeping well for a long time now, and I couldn’t handle everything on my own alone, considering the little time I get for home.
So I requested my maid to not take much leaves on Diwali since I would be needing her help.
She casually agreed and then took a couple of days off every now and then and said that since she wont be taking leaves on Deepawali, she is taking it this way.
I was okay. But when my in-laws and family arrived, she suddenly stopped coming.
I called her up and she said that she would be back in a day.
She didn’t show up for a week. It was such a mess… I had to find temporary maids everyday.
Also, just a few days back she requested me for 2000 bucks in advance since she wanted to buy a television for her kids.
I gave her the money believing her genuine looking plea..

While she was away I had to call up my old cook and he agreed to help and then when she was back I told her that she can just do the cleaning and no help in cooking is required from her now.

She quit the job (which I actually didn’t mind consodering her unprofessional behaviour and hired another maid immediately).
But she didn’t return my money till date. I asked her my money back again and again and every time she gave some or the other excuse.
Finally after 3 months I decided to warn the other of this cheat !!!
And I did it. I was not ready to be cheated again.

And as of now.. My trust on the needy looking people is quite shaken ! And everytime I think of helping someone, it would be not twice but thrice or even more !

Have you faced such dishonest people too?


~ by Neha Sinha on February 14, 2011.

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