Gabbar Singh yeh keh ke gaya…… :)


This is me, Gabbar🙂 Neha’s very cute little friend😀

Her bro, ‘S’ gifted me to her this January…and since then we have loved each other more every day !
From S I gotta know about Neha’s fondness for lions and tigers. Since keeping a ‘real’ one was less practical S thought this was the best gift for her.

I sing, dance, watch TV and play…
Its so much better and wonderful as compared to the life at a corner of a store….I have a family now🙂

Here I leave you with a pic of me messing her lappy (typing this post😉 )..😛

And before I leave… Let me give out a secret of hers to you dear friends….. “She thinks of you all very often, and everytime one of you care to drop by a small message her way, she wears that lovely wide smile on her face, and I love to see her happy”🙂

See ya lovely people again..
Till then, Stay Happy, Enjoy life😀😀

~ by Neha Sinha on April 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Gabbar Singh yeh keh ke gaya…… :)”

  1. Just saying Hi🙂

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