The ’10 Days You’ Challenge ! Day 2 – ♥ ♥ Nine Loves ♥ ♥

So the day 2 of the challenge demands me to disclose the 9 lovely assets close to my heart…

Here you go..

1. P – for being my very awesome hubby, a great all time friend and a total darling to share my life with 🙂

2. Mom n Dad – for everything they did for me.. for the moments we have spent together.. for giving us the best that could have been.. for supporting me in every decision I took.. and the list is endless !

3. Bro – for he is the shadow of my dreams 🙂 He is everything that can be there for me.. We share top secrets, silly fights and lovely moments every passing minute… He is in himself such a family to me 🙂

4. My home – Thats where I am at my best and worst 😀 and thats the place that lets me be me !

5. Photographs – I need them all around me.. hard copies and soft ones too.. they form the major part of my home decor too. I believe nothing can make such everlasting memories as the photographs and so I have way too many of them 😀

6. Music – I love soft romantic numbers ! Specially before sleeping… Nothing can soothe one like good music 🙂

7. Talking – Well we are synonymous 🙂 Cant stay without talking ! I need to talk to my loved ones at regular intervals.. And silent/cold wars are totally out of my dictionary.

8. Work – I guess I just cannot separate out working from my identity. I love to work and earn.. I started working when girls my age were busy looking pretty. I started with small tutions and earning my own pocket money (infact even more that what I needed at that age) gave me a sense of pride. I tasted self dependence so early in my life (8th standard if I remember correct) that it has become an integral part of me ever since. And yes along with everything I did manage to outperform everyone in acads and extra curricular too.

9. My friends – Like I said several times, I have so few of them. But they are true friends whom I can count upon anytime. They are the ones who know me and dont judge me for petty things and however less we get to talk to we can always pick up from where we left.

So those were my Nine Loves 🙂 Would love to hear yours too 😀


~ by Neha Sinha on July 13, 2011.

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