The 10-day-You Challenge… 6 Places !

After a break of 3 fine days..I am back with the challenge!
Yesterday was one of those unusual days when the internet services were down in our office… strange na?
On the other note it has been raining continuously in pune for the past few days…. and the weather is too lazy………i almost struggle to get to office everyday these days……… coming back to the challenge for the day… I think 6 places is way too much to ask for…. I can sum it up in one… I want to travel the world 🙂

But since I need to choose 6.. Here are my choicest few…………..

1. Australia : I have always wanted to visit that place.. ever since I read about it in my Geography text book… everything about that place fascinates me… The graphical division of the continent to the kangaroos and koalas.. I think it is a must visit on my list.

2. Greece : For the fascinating history and the amazing sceneries that it holds..

3. Hawaaaaaaaiiiiii : Do I need a reason for that? 🙂 Arent they the loveliest islands & beaches around 🙂 🙂

4. The Seven Wonders of the world : Well yes, I would love to see each of the wonders of world. No second thoughts on that.

5. Kashmir, Kerala, Laddakh & Leh : All in a years time or so from now !!!

6. Europe : A Europe trip is something that we have on our minds for quite a long time now. I want to desperately go on a tour to Europe, for not just to savour my travel buds but to know closely the elegance and the romance that the place holds……..

So those are the 6 places that top my list !! I hope I get it accomplished in this lifetime 😀


~ by Neha Sinha on July 19, 2011.

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