DTDC Disappoints !

RANT AHEAD !! (Don’t complain that I didn’t warn you earlier)

So the very prestigious DTDC courier services disappoint me yet again 😦
I was waiting so eagerly for Ashwin Sanghi’s Chanakya’s Chant and now that it is almost 2 weeks that the book has been sent to me and couldnt find way on my bookshelf… I am so very disappointed.

Not that I cannot buy the book now… but being a part of a new initiative, the Book Review Program by blogadda was such a previlege !

Its been more than a week that I have been following up with DTDC now.. but they do not respond or buzz !!!!

Trust me, its terrible. Their executives don’t care to give u a call when they cant locate you on the address, neither do they spare a minute to leave a note at your door, so that you can contact them and collect your eagerly awaited parcel.
The customer care executive whom I could finally get hold of once, asked me to write an email… and then there is ‘no response’ for them again ……
And more than a week since i have been running after these guys, and yesterday at one of the centers just told me..that they sent back my courier on the 2nd of August… What were these guys doing on that day when I was continuously asking them the whereabouts of my parcel….

They dont give a damn that the phones at their offices keep ringing and they just give a deaf ear to it..

All in all… I am feeling really bad due to the irresponsible behaviour by the DTDC team.

Well, for next time even if the DTDC courier outlet is nearer to my place, I am gonna trust the other service providers more..!!

& to DTDC – Guys your service sucks !!!!!!!!! 😦


~ by Neha Sinha on August 8, 2011.

4 Responses to “DTDC Disappoints !”

  1. Hey, order your books from Flipkart…they give fabulous discounts and deliver with 3 days sometimes less and to whichever address you want to…its superb!!! I have bought many books from here and they never disappoint me 🙂

    • Oh yeah.. there’s no match to flipkart ever 🙂 🙂 I am regular on it too…
      But this book was sent to me by blogadda.. and they used DTDC courier service for it 😦

  2. i agree with ur view, becaz i faced the same the problem , my cons. is also in pending , it was vry important for m but DTDC services nt fullfill its commitments of delivery. relly it is very bad.

    • true… they dont bother to make an effort to contact u if u aren’t available at the address too !!

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