Book Review – Life is what you make it (by Preeti Shenoy)

Well, I don’t do book reviews in general, ‘coz a part of me feels that every person has their choices and should not be led by what someone else thinks.. I stand by it still !

Why I decided to do the review for this book is simply because I had been eagerly waiting to lay my hands onto it for quite long.
I have always found Preeti as an inspirational writer. She puts in words beautifully and even the simplest of excerpts from her writing demonstrate a lot of thought process involved in its creation.

‘Life Is What You Make Itis her second book. A National bestseller like her first book ’34 Bubblegums & Candies’.

I had thoroughly enjoyed the first book and that had raised my hopes manyfolds.

‘Life Is What You Make It’ is a story of a bright teenage girl, who copes up with heart break and many other harships that come across her life and emerges strong. No spoilers ahead. Grab a copy and feel the intense emotions that are duly embedded in every section of the book.

But, to say I felt totally great after having finished the book, would be wrong.
I missed the originality that Preeti is so fondly identified with.

The book for me was so much inspired by ‘It’s Kind of a Funny Story’

I have read this book and watched this movie too…

So while I went through the different chapters of the book, Life is What You Make It, I could replay scenes from the movie.. and find resemblance with the book too..

At certain places, I could relate the two books directly, scene by scene and that disappointed me a bit too much 😦
Preeti’s second book is said to be a true story of someone close to her..
May be, co-incidences happen.

Overall, frankly speaking, had I not seen the movie, I would have had enjoyed the book to the core. It is inspirational, well written, emotional and speaks straight to your heart.


~ by Neha Sinha on August 23, 2011.

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