Book Review : Chanakya’s Chants (by Ashwin Sanghi)

So, finally I manage to file a book review for one of these books that I long waited for 🙂

Chanakya’s Chants in one word is ‘engrossing‘ !

Chanakya has been one of my favourite characters from history owing to his sharp wit and intellect (so now you get the drift as to why I was so desperately waiting for the book 🙂 )

The book presents a classic example of the phrase “History Repeats”.

Yes, history repeats and repeats very often. Chanakya’s Chants is an impressive narration of two comparative stories, one set in 340 B.C. and the other 2300 years later ! First, before I say anything else, I would love to congratulate Ashwin for his fabulous research of the Mauryan era. Chanakya whose theories are still classic case studies for finance students, has less been known personally by the people of our age. Thanks to the DoorDarshan which started a series on this great man long back. That was when I started admiring the gentleman for his awesome brain. The book describes how Chanakya, in an attempt to
play a revenge of his father’s murder, turns into a strategist and helps Chandragupta Maurya ascend the throne and also saves Bharat from falling a prey to the blood thirsty fangs of Alexandar. The other half of the story set in the present times, shows how Pandit Gangasagar Mishra, a political entusiast, who studied Chanakya Neeti post his father’s death and enterd politics, mentors his favourite pupil Chandni Gupta and sees her rise to the post of the Prime Minister of India. How Pandit Gangasagar leaves the comfort of his job and life and streams past every possible rule to make sure Chandni gets the due, is a very well narrated plot.

What happens to Chandni after she swears in as the Prime Minister… More about Chanakya and Chandragupta… More on the relationships that the two parallel running stories contain… is upto you my dear reader to find out!!

Chanakya’s Chants is a story of rise and fall… The two parallel running stories are similar yet different… On one hand there is revenge that propels Chanakya and at the other is an inspiration… Two different stories yet the same outcome…

If you have an interest in history and believe in its effect on today, you must grab a copy of chanakya’s Chants.

Last Words: An interesting, fast paced and beautifully researched book, which once again establishes the fact that however big the kings may get, there are king makers deserving a bigger notice, ‘coz thats where the power actually lies!!

Rating: 3.5/ 5

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~ by Neha Sinha on August 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “Book Review : Chanakya’s Chants (by Ashwin Sanghi)”

  1. Finally…thank you…have been waiting for your review….I have been trying to lay my hands on this one and will do it soon once I finish the book I am reading at the moment… 🙂
    Have you read the Palace of Illusions??? You should….its simply too good.

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