How much is the ‘Value of Life’?

How much is the ‘Value of Life’?

That’s the question that has been banging onto the walls of my head and heart all day today !!

Yes, I really want to know as to what on the face of earth is so much more worth that a person would end her/ his life for…..

My next door neighbor and very dear friend made an attempt to put an end to her troubles by gulping down a bottle n more of phenol…the most accessible poison that she could lay her hands on in the heat of the moment.. She has a 3 month old son and I feel bad for that baby… She is recovering now but I feel so worried…….

I don’t want to judge her or her circumstances but for sure I know the reason would be something really big, for she is one of the very intelligent, sophisticated and jolly people I have known till date..

And to any of you who is reading this, I’d just say:

“Wake up every morning, feel your heartbeat and tell yourself that your life is precious. That ‘You are Precious'”


~ by Neha Sinha on October 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “How much is the ‘Value of Life’?”

  1. “Thought provoking”

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