Reporting from Tel Aviv !

I reached Tel Aviv today morning… and ever since then, whether life is happening or is at a standstill, I am unable to decide..

Had a long tiring flight, then an unsure taxi ride to the hotel, and to make things even more difficult, found that the hotel bookings had not been done correctly..owing to which I could only lay my dead tired body on the couch in the lounge at the hotel fast asleep for a couple of hours…

I finally have a room ! But this loneliness scares me……

As I type this post, its 8:30 PM here in Tel Aviv and midnight in India..
I sit here all alone, drowsy, trying to decide whether I should cook something to eat or sleep just like that !
I am sleepy, but so much unable to sleep.. Every time I think of going off to sleep or to read a book or watch TV or even work on some official stuff, I cannot focus !

Its just the first day, the first night, and I terribly miss home already 😦

I just hope and wish that the days ahead are a little easier, a little shorter and a little better !

Good Night people… Wish me luck…. 🙂


~ by Neha Sinha on November 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Reporting from Tel Aviv !”

  1. Hey Neha….all the best…wish you feel better and dont be too homesick 🙂

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