Book Review – LIVE From London by Parinda Joshi

I have always enjoyed books from upcoming and new authors.
The first look at the book ‘LIVE From London’ when it was delivered to me and I was excited!
To me, what I liked best about the book was the Red front Cover! It is captivating…… The London Bridge, the Guitar and even the name of the author…Parinda … Loved your name lady 🙂 . It totally defines your free spirit which shows off so well in your writing.

Coming back to the book… LIVE from London is a story of young and vibrant Nishi Gupta who moved to London at a very tender age when her father got transferred to the city. It is a story of her dreams and her friends, Sarah, Zac and Riya. Nishi takes a bold foot forward after finishing college and joins the music industry for career to fight the embarrassment that she faced on the very prestigious ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ stage.

She stands strong and faces her conservative parents and the not so friendly boss. During this phase of her life, she meets Nick! Nick is the new pop sensation from America. And right amongst the peak point of her life, where Nishi had the best of love and opportunities, comes a big turnaround in her life. She has to move to India, a place which she was not so well acquainted with.

The book is quick and moves swiftly from chapter to chapter. To me it was more of like a bollywood masala movie. I like the story and the twists but at few points of the read I felt there was room for something more…

If you enjoy regular chicklits, this book is a nice read.
At points, it will take you to your yesteryears, your college days… your first love… That’s what is most admiring about the book and the story. Overall a light book with a touch of life.
For now, I look forward to Parinda’s next novel which sure would be a promising read.

If I have to rate the book, I would rate it 2.5+0.5 out of 5. (The extra 0.5 for the cover design)

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~ by Neha Sinha on November 29, 2011.

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