Resident Dormitus by Vikas Rathi

To start with, I want to apologize blogadda and Vikas for not having put up the long due review of the book. But trust me; the internet here is taking a toll on me. In office, the wordpress was blocked and in the hotel, the speed was horrible.
Coming back to the book… first, I didn’t really understand what the title was all about ! The mystery of the book begins…. BTW it means “an experiment conducted by Berkeley, where he summons a slave boy and merely by questioning him, makes the boy see the solution of a geometrical problem which he hadn’t even known existed, thereby proving that knowledge is resident in all human beings, yet only a few are able to realize it”, or ignite it from the dormant stage, as explained by Dev, one of the characters.
Resident Dormitus is a story of the confused and privileged young Achet, the protagonist of the story, and his friends, Arjun, Bala, Dev and Alex. The plot of the story keeps revolving from India to Singapore… I find Achet’s judging people by the fonts and colors on their emails as amusing but the way the character has been portrayed feels quite impractical. It gives a view of the youth that once attains financial freedom sets out to try the goods and the bads alike… and at points it feels as though the author tries to justify every wrong act the characters do… I cannot digest the way the characters fool around with their professional lives…

The confusion of the young minds is well portrayed in the form of a quest to self discovery… but to me, I feel, life is more practical… Being a part of a similar corporate world I know it’s not possible to fool around with career! Some parts of the book are very funny too.

Overall, the book is a onetime read.

Rating – 2.5/5

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~ by Neha Sinha on December 4, 2011.

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